The aim of this series is to reflect on the cultural necessity, and relevance of experiments, and aesthetics in combining theatre and digitality, grounded in the performativity of digital cultures, as performing AI, data-politics, or techno-human co-operation. The series is built out of 3 formats: “Inquiring” brings together impactful personalities from media studies and cultural studies with theatre artists, in order to exchange about the aesthetics, and politics of digital cultures. “Let’s talk” presents the work of impactful artists in performing digitality as a starting point for debates with scholars from the humanities on important topics of digital cultures. The discussions refer among others to: AI, posthumanisation, platform- and data- capitalism, critique, or postcolonial worldbuilding. “Fanny Cyberton’s Lecture Performances” unfolds the discursive and technological landscape of digital cultures from the point of view of the year 2043, praising excessively the reputed benefits of the politics and regimes of techno-human co-operation in an upcoming, allegedly better society.